Back-2-School: Shopping Local

20 July 2010Great topic today! I thought the conversation went very well and from the feedback we heard, so did all of you.  We all agree that it is important to keep Alamogordo shopping locally, the how is still a little questionable. It will take lots of planning on everyone’s part.
One of the big things I learned today was that our local Beall’s carries in the store is determine by our communities shopping habits. The higher the stores sales, the more the store is allowed to carry. Another big thing I learned is that they only stock a limited number of items; so, the worry of everyone wearing the same thing is not a problem. Be sure to check out their website for specials and coupons
20 July 2010The other thing that I realized about how we shop is that when we do go to other cities to shop that  it is more about making a day of it and getting out of town. Most of us shop local, but there are those who enjoy a day away doing something different. Maybe our local business can join forces and create an adventure for locals to do here. What business can you partner up with and create an event that would keep people here?
As OCMA members we should be shopping local and encouraging others to shop to local . . . spread the word, support our local businesses. If you can buy it here in Alamogordo then do!


to our new Otero County Marketing Association (OCMA) website! At our last meeting members suggested that we should have a website . . . we listened and here it is! With this website we will also be bring more of the ideas to life, that were shared at Junes meeting.

We hope to make this a place for our members to stay informed about OCMA events, members, member events, marketing ideas, etc. – this is a place for all of us to share and grow in our community.

This will be a work in progress, so check back often to see the changes we make. We are open to suggestions, so please share your ideas. Do you have something to share about a recent marketing success and/or a marketing idea you need help with? Let us know so we can share with other OCMA members.

As OCMA grows and succeeds, so will your business!

June Meeting

Javier Casillas & Michele Sims Angella Trout Bernice McRae & Angella Trout Javier Casillas Photos ©Rachel Telles Photography